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Blackberry 8820 Unlocked GSM Smartphone - Built-In GPS, WiFi, Media Player, Voice Dialing, Bluetooth, QWERTY Keyboard
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Blackberry 8820 Unlocked GSM Smartphone - Built-In GPS, WiFi, Media Player, Voice Dialing, Bluetooth, QWERTY Keyboard
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Blackberry 8820 Unlocked GSM Smartphone - Built-In GPS, WiFi, Media Player, Voice Dialing, Bluetooth, QWERTY Keyboard
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Blackberry 8820 Unlocked GSM Smartphone
The BlackBerry® 8820 smartphone is the stylish way to get things done. With powerful capabilities, yet incredibly compact and slim, it combines a stylish design with a premium finish. Elegant and performance-driven, this is a smartphone you'll always want to show off.

The BlackBerry 8820 is packed with powerful features, including phone, email, built-in GPS, Wi-Fi support, maps, browser, instant messaging, organizer, media player and more – all in one stylish smartphone.


  Cellular Technology:  GSM, GPRS, EDGE
  Bluetooth Enabled:  Yes
  Talk Time:  5 hours
  Internet Browser:  Yes
  Band / Mode:  GSM 850 / 900 / 1800 / 1900
  Short Messaging Service (SMS):  Yes
  Total Memory:  64MB
  Expansion Type:  microSD
  Locked:  No
  QWERTY Keyboard:  Yes
  Style:  Blackberry QWERTY
  Weight:  4.73 oz
  Dimensions:  4.49" x 2.60" x 0.55"
Detailed Features

A Closer Look


  • Wireless email
  • Organizer
  • Browser
  • Phone
  • BlackBerry® Maps
  • Media player
  • Corporate data access
  • GPS
  • Wi-Fi support so you can connect to virtually any Wi-Fi network
  • 64 MB of memory and expandable memory via microSD card†
  • Full QWERTY keyboard
  • Dedicated Send, End and Mute keys, a trackball navigation system, plus user definable convenience keys
  • Speakerphone and Voice Dialling
  • High capacity battery
  • Bluetooth® capability for hands-free dialogue via headsets and car kits
  • Stereo headset capable
  • Integrated attachment viewing
  • Compatibility with popular Personal Information Management (PIM) software
  • High resolution, light sensing screen that adjusts lighting levels automatically for ideal indoor and outdoor viewing
  • Easy email integration with your business and/or personal email accounts
What You Should Know

What is Bluetooth?
Bluetooth wireless technology is a short-range communications technology intended to replace the cables connecting portable and/or fixed devices while maintaining high levels of security. The key features of Bluetooth technology are robustness, low power, and low cost.

Technically, Bluetooth is a specification for the use of low-power radio communications to wirelessly link phones, computers and other network devices over short distances. The name "Bluetooth" is borrowed from Harald Bluetooth, who was a king in Denmark more than 1,000 years ago (Computer people choose the strangest names!).  Bluetooth technology was designed primarily to support simple wireless networking of personal consumer devices and peripherals, including cell phones, PDAs, and wireless headsets.

What is EDGE?
EDGE (Enhanced Data Rates for Global Evolution) is a radio signalling technology for 3G mobile networks. It boosts data transfer rates and volumes on existing GSM/GPRS networks by significantly increasing data transfer speeds.

How does EDGE work?
EDGE works by improving the signalling interface used to communicate over the radio waves. Typically, EDGE brings three times the performance of GPRS, achieving an average data rate of 80 to 160 kbps per user with mobile terminals supporting 2-4 timeslots. It is great for applications that transfer large amounts of data between a mobile phone and enterprise networks - such as rich email messages that include attachments.

About EDGE
Due to its high data transfer rates, EDGE has been adopted as part of ITU's (International Telecommunication Union) family of technologies. Currently, EDGE is standardized by the same 3GPP standardization body as the 3G technology, WCDMA, harmonizing the development of both EDGE and WCDMA.

Benefits of GSM & GPRS

  • Faster connection
  • Greater data volumes achieved
  • Significant increase in functionality
  • Can interoperate with with GSM networks for global coverage

What Is GSM?
Today's Wireless Revolution is being achieved through the GSM family of wireless technology platforms - today's GSM, GPRS, EDGE & 3GSM.  It is the basis of a powerful family of platforms for the future - providing a direct link into next generation solutions including GPRS (General Packet Radio Services) EDGE (Enhanced Data for GSM Evolution) and 3GSM.  GSM's unrivalled success can be attributed to many factors, including the unparalleled co-operation and support between all those supplying, running and exploiting the platform. It is based upon a true end-to-end solution, from infrastructure and services to handsets and billing systems.  GSM is a standard that embraces all areas of technology, resulting in global, seamless wireless services for all its customers. It's all part of the Wireless Evolution.

GSM (Global System for Mobile communications) is the technology that underpins most of the world's mobile phone networks. The GSM platform is a hugely successful wireless technology and an unprecedented story of global achievement and cooperation. GSM has become the world's fastest growing communications technology of all time and the leading global mobile standard, spanning 214 countries.  Today, GSM technology is in use by more than one in five of the world's population - by June 2006 there were over 2 billion GSM subscribers, representing approximately 80% of the world's cellular market. The growth of GSM continues unabated with almost 400 million new customers in the last 12 months.  The progress hasn't stopped there. Today's GSM platform is living, growing and evolving and already offers an expanded and feature-rich 'family' of voice and multimedia services.


Before You Buy, Please Note:
Most of our unlocked cellular phones are only designed to work on GSM networks, such as Cingular and T-Mobile (in the U.S.) and Fido and Rogers (in Canada).

These GSM phones are NOT compatible with CDMA carriers such as Verizon and Sprint. If you are buying an Unlocked GSM phone and your intended service provider is not among those major carriers, please contact that provider to determine their GSM compatibility.

Before You Buy, Please Note:
All of our unlocked GSM phones come from around the globe. As such, features and accessories may vary. Some require US adapters. In some cases, language needs to be reset to English from the default language through manually setting the language option on the phone.

What is mobile email?
Mobile email offers the possibility of sending and receiving email from your mobile device wherever you are. You may even be able to use the same email account you have on your desktop or laptop computer.

How does it work?
There are several ways to receive email on a mobile device. These are to do with the application used, and the underlying technology that makes it possible. With web-based email services, a browser is used to access the email interface on the mobile device. With a client-server email implementation, the user interface is provided by the email client, which interacts with an email server to send/receive email messages. This is similar to email clients you may use on a desktop PC like Microsoft Outlook.

In some email clients, such as BlackBerry, email is automatically retrieved when email is received. In other email clients, the user decides when and how often e-mail should be fetched.

Benefits of Mobile Email

  • Mobile email has one of the highest impacts on productivity after voice
  • Email is the office application most mobile workers would like to see integrated into their mobile phones
  • Studies show that the availability of mobile email may result in up to an additional 55 minutes of work a day

In order to keep providing low prices to all customers, we must institute these policies to avoid customer fraud. All returned phones are powered on and thoroughly inspected for damage. Any returns that do not meet the following guidelines may be refused and returned to you or your credit amount may be reduced or no credit may be issued at all.

  1. Any returned cell phone must include the original box with matching identification EIN and Serial numbers. The Serial number on the phone MUST match the serial number we shipped you.
  2. We will not accept returns or process exchanges on phones that have physical damage or have been wet. We're sorry, but if you damage it, we can't accept it back. In the very rare event that your phone is damaged when you receive it the damage must be reported within 72 hours of receipt. In these cases we will issue a return authorization and EXCHANGE the damage phone for a like or similar model depending on availability, provided the serial number matches.
  3. We will not accept returns or process exchanges on phones damaged by water or any liquids. We know it might've been an accident, but whether it suffered a small splash of water or a swim in an ocean, we can't take it back. There are test indicators in the phone that indicate it has been wet, so even if it dries out, the indicator will still tell us it has been wet.

What's In The Box

Contents of package may vary from those pictured and stated here, due to changes in manufacturer's specifications or merchandising. Please check the product information carefully, items not included may no longer be required.

This Product Has Limited Exchange Privileges.

Only defective exchanges for identical item within 30 days of purchase permitted on this product. After 30 days, please contact the manufacturer at: 1-800-800-8300.
Manufactured by: Rim
Mfg Part No: 8820
Box Size: ( Length: 4, Width: 8, Depth: 6 )
Shipping Weight: 1.2500 pound(s)

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Blackberry 8820 Unlocked GSM Smartphone - Built-In GPS, WiFi, Media Player, Voice Dialing, Bluetooth, QWERTY Keyboard
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